Consumer Goods Design and Sourcing – Fitness!

Our latest featured project.  Design and sourcing of a robust pull up bar using readily available materials (pipe and pipe fittings). 

The unique feature about this one?  After initial assembly and once the flanges are mounted, the design incorporates a combination of fittings, left hand threads and right hand threads to allow for the assembly to be put up and taken down with just a few twists.  Perfect for a garage or basement without the eye sore when it is not in use.

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Animation showing initial assembly of pull up bar.
Short animation showing the pull up bar’s simple steps for before and after a workout.

Supply Update and New RFQ Page

Roeck Engineering and Supply now formally represents a plastic injection molding and assembly company based in the Chicago area.  Now we can directly supply high quantity plastic parts and assembly services from a company who is ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified.  With this growth we are also doing our part in promoting and utilizing biodegradable plastics to help ease the strain plastics put on our environment. 🌳👌

What does this mean for our current and future customers? It means even better pricing with the same level of quality and service!

In other news, for any customers looking for a parts quote (such as plastics) or consulting services, check out our new RFQ page and forms here. By selecting your type of request and answering a few questions about your project, we can efficiently get back to you with a quote.

Roeck on!

Buckle up! – We create 3D models lightning fast.

Many manufacturers, especially plastic injection molders, will need a 3D model to produce a product.

What happens if you only have a sample or prototype and do not know how to create a 3D model?  You let Roeck borrow the product and we create the model for you.  It’s that simple!

Then we can handle the manufacturing or just give you the 3D files if you wish to handle everything else on your own.

Check out this heavy duty buckle we modeled for a customer who only had a sample.

Bucke Render to Post

“Be.” Innovative

Roeck Engineering and Supply is proud to announce our new relationship with The Goodwell Company.  Goodwell has imagined and designed an innovative new toothbrush named “Be.”  It is a patented hybrid toothbrush that has all the power and performance of an electric toothbrush, minus the batteries and waste.  Roeck has been contracted to help set up the supply chain for the components of this product and transition the project from prototype phase to mass production.  Take a look and preorder one today here:

Or have a look at their homepage and other products:

And don’t forget, if you are having trouble finding high quality metal or plastic parts at an affordable cost, Rob can help! or 954-342-6267.


Trust the Process.

We recently completed an interesting consulting project – helping a big name brand with their staffing process for warehouses.  Did you know Roeck Engineering and Supply provides consulting services for everything from supplier management to internal material flow?  With many years experience in supply chain and material management, we can help improve efficiency and save you money!  Contact us for a free estimate!


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