Presentation – “Scaling Up”

Portland business events, scaling up!

Later this month I will be speaking at Portland Made’s June Maker Meetup. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to share my experiences. I plan to arm businesses local to Portland with information that will improve their production.
All are welcome, and the knowledge I will be sharing can translate to any local business or startup in any city.

Follow this link for more details and tickets:

Hope to see you there!

Robert Roecklein, PE, SPSM2
Roeck Engineering and Supply, LLC
South Florida

Bridging the Employment Gap

Roeck Engineering and Supply is honored to be providing continued consulting services for indeed, the worldwide career and employment assistance provider.  Roeck’s role with indeed is to provide SME (subject matter expert) help in establishing systems to better filter thousands of candidates down to a manageable group.  Specific to the fields of engineering and manufacturing, these systems will help match employees with employers more efficiently, all while saving money for indeed and their clients. 

Find out how your company’s systems and procedures can get a boost!

Call us anytime at 954-342-6267.

Consumer Goods Design and Sourcing – Fitness!

Our latest featured project.  Design and sourcing of a robust pull up bar using readily available materials (pipe and pipe fittings). 

The unique feature about this one?  After initial assembly and once the flanges are mounted, the design incorporates a combination of fittings, left hand threads and right hand threads to allow for the assembly to be put up and taken down with just a few twists.  Perfect for a garage or basement without the eye sore when it is not in use.

Call us today for your consumer goods design needs! 


Animation showing initial assembly of pull up bar.
Short animation showing the pull up bar’s simple steps for before and after a workout.

Supply Update and New RFQ Page

Roeck Engineering and Supply now formally represents a plastic injection molding and assembly company based in the Chicago area.  Now we can directly supply high quantity plastic parts and assembly services from a company who is ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified.  With this growth we are also doing our part in promoting and utilizing biodegradable plastics to help ease the strain plastics put on our environment. 🌳👌

What does this mean for our current and future customers? It means even better pricing with the same level of quality and service!

In other news, for any customers looking for a parts quote (such as plastics) or consulting services, check out our new RFQ page and forms here. By selecting your type of request and answering a few questions about your project, we can efficiently get back to you with a quote.

Roeck on!