“Be.” Innovative

Roeck Engineering and Supply is proud to announce our new relationship with The Goodwell Company.  Goodwell has imagined and designed an innovative new toothbrush named “Be.”  It is a patented hybrid toothbrush that has all the power and performance of an electric toothbrush, minus the batteries and waste.  Roeck has been contracted to help set up the supply chain for the components of this product and transition the project from prototype phase to mass production.  Take a look and preorder one today here: https://thegoodwellcompany.com/products/be.

Or have a look at their homepage and other products: https://thegoodwellcompany.com/

And don’t forget, if you are having trouble finding high quality metal or plastic parts at an affordable cost, Rob can help!  rob@engineeringandsupply.com or 954-342-6267.


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